Changes to Adcenter Campaign Budgets

Microsoft has announced that starting as early as May 11th Adcenter will no longer require both daily and monthly campaign budget limits if you select the per day option when managing your budget. Currently, if you choose to manage your campaigns using a daily budget, you have the option of also setting a monthly maximum as well. I have always like this feature because you can set your daily spend at a higher levelĀ than if you divided your monthly budget by the days of the month. This keeps your ads going on higher traffic days during the week instead of just capping all 7 days at the same level like Google. Microsoft basically comes right out and says in their email announcement that they are doing this to emulate Google.


We’re excited to drive towards industry parity while helping to simplify your adCenter campaign budget management with this update.

Microsoft advises Adcenter users to start adjusting their daily and monthly budgets before “late summer” when they will automagically use the current daily budget to calculate a new monthly one.