Search Marketing in a Recession Economy

Many e-commerce companies have felt the effects of the recession and the pressure is on for search marketers to keep the traffic coming in while staying on budget. Traffic is flat, conversions are tanking, what is an SEO guy (or gal) to do? Assuming you have already squeezed every bit you can out of your PPC campaigns, I would like to discuss a few low cost ways to keep the SEO momentum going and hopefully improve those conversions in the process.

Review your keyword list

Time to hit the analytics and find those low bounce, high converting long tail terms that you have been ignoring. You will not get the same traffic as you do with your big money terms, but you can certainly move up the SERPs a lot quicker and easier and they tend to convert better.

Get back to the page

Even if you don’t have money to pay for links or to hire content writers, you can certainly freshen up those boiler plate product pages that you have been meaning to re-write for months. Take the long-tail variants from your keyword review and start working them naturally into those deep pages. Just having a unique sentence or two for each of your products will give you an SEO advantage over your competitors using boiler plate descriptions provided by the manufacturer.

Look closely at your calls-to-action

Go ahead and use this opportunity to reinforce your calls to action in the text of your product descriptions. This can be as simple as linking back to your contact page or to your sale or overstock page.

Add some new content

This can be product guides, how-to’s, testimonials, anything really. Just get some fresh pages added. Every time you add content to your site Google tends to notice and we all know Google loves that fresh content. Again, if this is something your competitors are not doing then it is one more SEO advantage that you can have without spending a ton of dough.

Reach out to your affiliates

If you have an affiliate program in place, time to reach out to your partners and let them know you appreciate their referrals. Nothing says thank you like a bump in commissions. I like to offer an additional percentage for 30 days and then give my affiliates some promo codes that they can sprinkle around on twitter and facebook. Still haven’t got that affiliate program off the ground? No point in waiting any longer. It can take months or even years to build up a stable of reliably producing affiliates. I firmly believe that any e-commerce site can benefit from affiliate marketing and that the return far outweighs the investment.

Well, hope these little pointers help. In a future post I will try to go into more depth on things you can do off-page for little or no money that can have a measurable impact on your rankings.