Google Toolbar Page Rank Should Die

Yet another toolbar page rank update a month after the June 27th update. According to SEO Roundtable, there was a bug with the initial toolbar push and Google uncharacteristically rolled out another update to correct the error.

Even though everyone knows that the toolbar page rank is not an entirely accurate gauge of a page’s actual page rank, it is still the only indicator available to the non-technical, non-seo masses. As such, it has a pronounced effect on the perceived value of a web page/site, or a link from that page/site. Even if you have a ton of rankings and traffic, a low toolbar PR can be an indicator to others that Google doesn’t like something you have done.

My main issue with the toolbar PR is that it has created an industry of link brokering that continues to negatively impact search results. Google has been adamant about punishing those who buy and sell links yet they continue to support the device that makes it easy. In two seconds, Google could eliminate the practice of buying and selling links but they don’t.

I say let the PR toolbar die. Google should let third parties, like SEOmoz, assign page rankings based on factors outside of the Google algo. I seem to remember a few other search engines, Boing and Yoohoo or something.

What do you think about the toolbar PR? Should it die a horrible death?